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    Mateo New York

    Matthew Harris was born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the son of a seamstress. He arrived to the US at the age of 16 to attend Southern New Hampshire University to complete a B.S in Hospitality Management. After completing his studies, he discovered his true passion in New York City - the art of Jewelry making. Being a self taught designer, he spent much of his time in the jewelry district learning and perfecting the craft.

    After honing his craft, Mateo New York was launched in March of 2009. The brand began solely focused on men’s jewelry, with the first collection pulling inspiration from the concept of a working man’s toolbox. After the success of the men’s collection, a women’s capsule collection was introduced shortly after. In 2014, the women’s fine jewelry collection was also launched.

    The Mateo New York fine jewelry collections bare a true aesthetic of simplicity and minimalism, drawing inspiration from modern art for the modern woman. Each piece is made from 14KT gold with a consistent use of diamonds and precious gemstones. Sold in the most prestigious stores in the USA, Mateo New York has become synonymous with modernity and true elegance.

    Kultia proudly presents to you Mateo New York.

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