Ioanna Souflia

Sinergia Ring

5,350 €
(4,180 £)
price inclusive of V.A.T. and other taxes
  • 14 Carats black gold with Thasos marble and grey diamonds

  • Introducing a modern take on luxury, Ioanna Souflia presents her first fine jewelry Collection Symbiosis. Aspiring to create precious pieces of high quality, the designer handcrafts each piece of stone individually. With respect to the properties and the limitations of marble, each design requires hours of fabrication, absolute precision and the finest goldsmith craftsmanship in order for Ioanna Souflia to offer an exceptional piece where black gold and Thasos marble co-exist in a symbiotic relationship. The Sinergia ring made of Greek Thasos marble and 14K gold is the smaller of all the Symbiosis rings featuring beautiful curves that are emphasized by the gold encasing. Embellished with a series of grey diamonds, this ring is luxurious yet easy to wear.
  • Measurements: Maximum Height 28mm; Maximum Width 32mm;
  • Note: This item is handcrafted and as a result there may be slight variations in specifications.