Elena Syraka

Sword Pendant

3,800 €
(2,970 £)
price inclusive of V.A.T. and other taxes
  • 18 carat Yellow Gold with Rubies, White Diamonds and Pink Tourmaline

  • For Elena Syraka, mythology and ancient civilizations are a true passion. Her latest collection Nour (Arabic for light) was inspired by ancient Islamic symbols and the permanent collection of Benaki Museum for Islamic Art. Each jewel is completely handmade using traditional goldsmithing techniques. The result has been luxurious, limited edition, stunning jewels. Inspired by an ancient sword from Iran this pendant is elegant and unique. As an alchemical symbol, the sword is an archetype of purification. Made of 18 carat gold, and embellished with rubies, tourmalines and white diamonds, it could become your all day secret “weapon”.
  • Measurements: Maximum dimensions: Length 10cm; Width 0.9cm; Length of chain 50cm
  • Note: This item is handcrafted and as a result there may be slight variations in specifications.