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Designer Focus Elena Syraka A multi talented artist and jeweller with endless inspiration.
Elena Syraka is constantly drawn to ancient cultures and loves translating symbols and myths to contemporary jewels.

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The Symbol Pomegranate Break open a pomegranate and you will find hundreds of ruby red beads – imagine if they were rubies indeed! The real treasure lies in its nutritional values, but there also is some kind of mythical aura surrounding it since the ancient times. Regarded as a symbol of prosperity, fertility, hope and rebirth in various civilizations, it makes a popular New Year’s good luck charm. From Ancient Egypt to the Greek mythology, pomegranate carries the hope of thriving in new beginnings. Throwing one into the entrance of your home at the dawn of the New Year equals the wish for good fortune. Such a colourful way of welcoming 2017!
LIna Fanouraki
Gold Ring
Photograph courtesy of Fanourakis Jewels
Natural Inspiration...
by the Kultia Editorial Team
Nature has been providing endless inspiration to artists. Jewelers over the years have tried to translate flowers, animals or even weather phenomena in intricate jewellery creations.
Each designer chooses her favourite theme and with her signature materials interprets nature in precious metals and gemstones, creating jewels of unique aesthetics.
Lina fanouraki shows her love of insects and flora with her detailed creations, while Elena Votsi follows her minimal and geometric signature style to interpret the planets and the sun. Each one unique and utterly beautiful…
Pictured Lina Fanourakis Spider Web Bracelet in 18ct Gold and Rose Cut Diamonds
Kultia focuses on careful curation of authentic and timeless jewelry design from independent jewelers. The exceptional and enduring design is that what transforms fine jewelry into fine art; we choose artists and jewels that are original and will last generations, never going out of fashion!
In Kultia Jewelry is a specialty. We have accumulated deep knowledge of the jewelry world and we work closely with each and every designer, to understand their craft and vision. We will also work with you to understand what you want, review every detail and make sure that you choose the perfect jewel for each moment.
Kultia is the jewelry curator for todays’ eclectic global nomad who is always in search of great craftsmanship and unique design. With several boutiques on luxury resorts we pride ourselves for our deep customer understanding. In Kultia, we experience the travels, share the tastes, cherish the luxury and appreciate authenticity exactly like our customers do.